1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Young Generation's Perception and Buying Reasons of Electric Bicycles

Chandrasa Soekardi & Puji Prabowo
Publisher: IEOM Society International
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Track: Sustainability and Green Systems

Electric bicycles continue to develop and grow with new designs and technologies to attract customers. With the growth of the electric bicycle business as green products, the development of online marketplaces selling electric bicycles has also increased in Indonesia. People can buy electric bicycle products easily. The purpose of this study is to find out the reasons for the customer in the process of buying an electric bicycle. This study focuses on the interests and reasons for buying or not buying an electric bicycle on the online marketplace. This study involved 200 people from various cities in Indonesia and the respondents involved were from various backgrounds. This study uses a qualitative approach, using open-ended questions through an online survey. Data processing uses coding techniques, then qualitative data is quantified for cross-case analysis. The results of the study indicate that the majority of respondents have an interest in electric bicycles. Environmentally friendly, practical and low prices are the main reasons for customers to buy electric bicycles. Meanwhile, those who do not want to buy an electric bicycle have reasons such as aspects of convenience, electric power and price. This research is useful for developing theories related to marketing and also the characteristics of electric bicycles. This research can also be useful for manufacturers and sellers of electric bicycles to understand market conditions.


Electric bicycles, young generation, online, marketplace, green product

Published in: 1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Sydney, Australia

Publisher: IEOM Society International
Date of Conference: December 21-22, 2022

ISBN: 979-8-3507-0542-3
ISSN/E-ISSN: 2169-8767