2nd African International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

A Review of Logistics 4.0 Literature for Curriculum Development for Vocational High Schools

Publisher: IEOM Society International
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Track: Special Track: Industry 4.0

Logistics 4.0 is an emerging phenomenon which is subsumed by Industry 4.0 concept. The importance of digitalization of logistics activities is increasing because of the competitive environment both in manufacturing and service areas. It is obvious that the implementation of Logistics 4.0 concepts in enterprises will be possible by technical-skilled employees. Whilst there is a significant amount of academic studies for Logistics 4.0, studies for Logistics 4.0 education is very limited. Universities’ and vocational high schools’ logistics departments’ lectures and courses must include Logistics 4.0 concepts and applications to provide technical-skilled work force to the industry. This study aims to investigate Logistics 4.0 key concepts and to propose a structural Logistics 4.0 curriculum for the vocational high schools. To achieve this aim, 106 papers have been investigated and it has been seen that Internet of Things (Iot), big data and robotic technologies are the most mentioned ones in the frame of logistics. These concepts have been recommended as the topics which should be implemented into the logistics 4.0 curriculum of vocational high schools.

Published in: 2nd African International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Harare, Zimbabwe

Publisher: IEOM Society International
Date of Conference: December 7-10, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6123-4
ISSN/E-ISSN: 2169-8767