4th Asia Pacific International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Ecotourism Village Recognition Strategy Using Tourism Production Function Development Model

Brahmastya Artanto, Roni Zakaria & Fakhrina Fahma
Publisher: IEOM Society International
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Track: Business Management

The development of tourist villages is one of the solutions to drive the regional economy and the realization of the Tourism Development Master Plan. This has prompted the government to target as many as 244 tourist villages by 2024. One of the strategies in this development is through an assessment of potential related to the level of readiness of these tourist villages. In this regard, this research focuses on designing an assessment measuring tool for Wonorejo Village which has a lot of natural potential, but its development has not been directed and has been running effectively. The novelty of this research is to develop an assessment measuring tool using the criteria in the 2003 Guidelines for the Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation regarding the assessment of natural tourism potential and Central Java Governor Regulation Number 53 of 2019 concerning Guidelines for assessing tourism villages. The two guidelines are then combined into a tourism model in accordance with the principle of the tourism production function from Smith (1994), which views tourism as a product so that all supporting elements such as resources and facilities can be explicitly recognized and outputs in the form of services and experience are obtained in a structured manner. The input to this assessment is based on a survey of relevant stakeholders. Based on the results of the assessment, a total value of 59% was obtained which indicated that Wonorejo Village was included in a developing tourism village. Then these variables are selected cumulatively based on the lowest objective, namely the intermediary output includes 10 sub-variables which are the basis for preparing strategic recommendations.

Keywords: Tourism village, nature tourism, potential, assessment criteria, strategy

Published in: 4th Asia Pacific International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Vietnam

Publisher: IEOM Society International
Date of Conference: September 12-14, 2023

ISBN: 979-8-3507-0548-5
ISSN/E-ISSN: 2169-8767