3rd Asia Pacific International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Digitalization of Interior Materials as Sustainable Learning Process to Enrich Students’ Material Knowledge

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Track: Design and Analysis

Interior design department required experience-based learning through a bank of material samples. The material samples in the physical material library come in various categories and different types. The situation of covid-19 pandemic has enforced rapid growth of transformation on digital technology. Digital material libraries came up as a solution for such a situation. Digital samples of interior materials also can be stored and accessed easily with an internet connection. Otherwise, there are things to be considered due to crucial points in relation to senses experiences such as tactility and smell senses in which students need touch and feel the texture of the materials to explore and understand them better. A qualitative method with a comparative study approach is conducted in this research to investigate which elements of image taking could bring a close impression to the real object. By using this approach an in-depth comparison study will be done in the Interior Design department laboratory of BINUS University to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of images taken by two types of equipment: 2D flat scanner and digital camera. Mosaic Tiles, Carpet Flooring, Upholstery Fabric, Weaving, and Wallcovering. Result of this research will elaborate a glimpse of recommendation of digitization on interior materials to enrich sustainability on distance learning. 



Digitalization, Technology, Interior Material library, Sustainable Learning, Design.

Published in: 3rd Asia Pacific International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Publisher: IEOM Society International
Date of Conference: September 13-15, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-7923-9162-0
ISSN/E-ISSN: 2169-8767