1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Health Workers' Capabilities on The Incompleteness of Basic Immunization through The Performance of Health Promotion and Parental Knowledge

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Track: Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

This study aims to elaborate on and analyze the Influence of Health Workers' Capabilities on Basic Immunization Incompleteness through Health Promotion Performance and Parental Knowledge in the Durikumba Public Health Center Work Area of Central Mamuju Regency. This research was conducted at the Durikumba Public Health Center in Central Mamuju Regency, which lasted for approximately 2 (two) months, from July to August 2020. Use causal design with a quantitative approach. The population in this study is all heads of families who have toddlers in the Durikumba Public Health Center Work Area of Korossa Mamuju Tengah District, which is 261 households. In this study, the sampling technique was carried out using the purposive sampling technique. The sample criteria were toddlers under three years; the final sample successfully obtained was 150 people. Data collection techniques were carried out through observation, interviews, questionnaires, and documentation, with data analysis techniques using path analysis. The results showed that the capability of health workers is a trigger that encourages the improvement of the degree of health of toddlers with increased health promotion; health workers take proactive measures to support the implementation of health promotion functions fully. The spirit of community participation and empowerment is a factor that maximizes the function of health promotion performance and impacts the high level of community compliance to carry out complete basic immunizations for their babies. In addition, the capabilities of health workers also encourage the improvement of parental knowledge. Negative influences are shown on the relationship between officer capability, health promotion performance, and parental knowledge of the incompleteness of basic immunizations. The study's contribution was to create a pattern of negative relationships on variables, to show that not all health promotion measures are taken, and knowledge elsewhere can reflect sensitivity in providing or supplementing the complete immunization of their babies.

Published in: 1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Sydney, Australia

Publisher: IEOM Society International
Date of Conference: December 21-22, 2022

ISBN: 979-8-3507-0542-3
ISSN/E-ISSN: 2169-8767