1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

The Effect of Property Based Resources, Knowledge-Based Resources, and Dynamic Service Performance Capabilities on Hotel Market Performance mediated by Integrated Marketing Communication

Tiurida Anita, Bahtiar Usman, Sarfilianty Anggiani & Hermanto Yaputra
Publisher: IEOM Society International
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Track: Business Management

This study aims to find direct and indirect relationships of factors that will influence Hotel Market Performance to fit into the dynamic business environment. The research model showed the influence of variables that support Hotel Market Performance: property-based resources, knowledge-based resources, dynamic service performance capability, and Integrated marketing communication. The data was collected by distributing a survey to 137 Hotel employees from 16 Four-Star Hotels based on the Indonesia Stock Exchange data for The Trade, Services, and Investment Sector of Service Companies, a subsector of hotels, restaurants & tourism. The data collection technique uses purposive sampling. This research model was analyzed with Structural equation modeling by Partial Least Square. The research model offers s dynamic service performance capability variables that measure the dynamic capability of employees from human resources and marketing perspectives to carry out service performance in their respective fields when the hotel environment is not supportive to achieve good hotel performance. Of the five variables studied in this research, it was found that in direct relationships two variables were not proven to have a direct impact, namely Property based Resources, and Knowledge-Based resources to integrated marketing communication. Meanwhile, in testing the indirect relationship of the variables studied, it was found that all variables were proven to be mediated to Hotel market performance through Integrated marketing communication.

Published in: 1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Sydney, Australia

Publisher: IEOM Society International
Date of Conference: December 21-22, 2022

ISBN: 979-8-3507-0542-3
ISSN/E-ISSN: 2169-8767